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Breakpoint™ by Astrocyte is a subscription platform that provides comprehensive global macro forecasts and alerts.


Built by a former Quantitative Fund Manager, Breakpoint is for professional investors who need:

  • Better forecasts and risk analysis to anticipate the market’s reaction to new data
  • Alerts to interesting new sub-trends that drive deeper sector and company-level trades
  • Objectively significant, time-saving analysis that avoids the ‘group-think’ of main-stream strategists and economists

Discretionary investors, systematic funds and portfolio advisors rely on Breakpoint™ for deep insights that constantly test their strategy’s assumptions. 

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No Trend Is Forever

"Housing Prices Never Go Down"

Right? Not quite. That popular assumption was turned on its head during the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis. Next time, don't wait until the writing is on the wall. 

Discover changes in momentum and correlation BEFORE they become obvious with Breakpoint™.

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No Assumption Is Perfect

"Stock-Bond Correlation is negative." 

Trillions of dollars in portfolios are allocated using this assumption. 

But when Central Banks and global shocks move markets, this correlation can swing violently, leaving your portfolio over-levered.


Reduce drawdowns by making your portfolio more adaptive

Whether you run an active investor or use passive 'robo' strategies, your strategies can benefit from these adaptive forecasts for trends, vols and correlations.

We help discretionary investors, systematic funds and portfolio advisers identify the exact points in time when market conditions change to help them prioritize and better navigate the changing risk landscape.

Our Breakpoint regime forecasts identify potential turning points in the trends, vols and correlations across global markets


Used By Hedge Funds, Options Traders and Other Professional Investors

Astrocyte’s meticulous analytical approach to real-time market dynamics helps me confirm or disprove trade ideas and has become an indispensable element of my investment process.
— Principal, Fixed Income Relative Value Hedge Fund
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