Portformer Demo @ FinTech Sandbox Demo Day

Three weeks ago we unveiled our newest product at...

FinTech Sandbox Demo Day

It was an exciting event where we meet new prospective clients, investors and hundreds of members of the New York FinTech community.  Watch the video of the demo below!


Suited up & ready to save US households $200 billion dollars in fund fees!

Wait!  What is Portformer? Why do I care?

For the past four years we have been working on tools and technologies like Breakpoint to help professional investors more quickly detect changing market conditions.  This product is different.

We are focused on helping Financial Advisors win new business.

Portformer™ is an online financial research tool that helps RIAs save money for their clients by finding low-cost ETF alternatives to existing Mutual Fund investments.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click on a potential client's portfolio

  2. Choose one of the top 10 suggested lower-cost ETF replacements

  3. See the $ saved for your clients and the game plan to rebalance their portfolio

  4. Win a new & happy client!

Learn more here:  https://use.portformer.com