PRESS RELEASE: Astrocyte Research Acquires Passiv.AI LLC

Names Founder Jeff Corrado Head of Market Intelligence

Jeff Corrado alongside Warren Buffet

BOSTON​ (August 18th , 2020) – Astrocyte Research, Inc. acquires ownership analytics provider, Passiv.AI LLC and hires Passiv.AI Founder Jeffrey Corrado as Head of Market Intelligence.

“Passiv.AI gives us unprecedented insight into changes in active and passive institutional asset flows across stocks, industries, and sectors” said Sean Kruzel, CEO of Astrocyte Research. “This behavioral intelligence really compliments Portformer’s focus on individual funds.”

Portformer, Astrocyte’s newest product, compares and ranks mutual funds and ETFs, while Astrocyte’s Breakpoint solution uses advanced regime change models to detect market risk and forecast volatility.

“The way I see it, Portformer tells you the what, Passiv.AI the why, and Breakpoint the when,” Kruzel continued. “The acquisition of Passiv.AI is a huge step toward providing a comprehensive investment technology solution.”

As Head of Market Intelligence, Corrado will work closely with enterprises to position and develop Astrocyte’s offerings. Corrado joins Astrocyte from Volos Portfolio Solutions, where he remains a Partner. Corrado previously worked at Furey Research Partners.

“Sean and I share a passion for helping investors streamline their workflow and generate alpha by using machine learning and data-centric tools.” Corrado offered. “We share the same philosophy as investors, technologists, and entrepreneurs.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to have Jeff on board,” Kruzel added. “His skillset and leadership will accelerate Astrocyte’s growth.”

About Astrocyte Research

Astrocyte Research was founded by portfolio manager and MIT alum Sean Kruzel in 2014 to create tools for professional investors using machine learning. In April 2019, Astrocyte launched Portformer, a financial discovery platform that compares and ranks ETFs and mutual funds to find the highest quality, low cost offerings. Portformer empowers financial advisors to save time on research and win clients with clear, fee-slashing proposals.

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