Combining expert & artificial market intelligence

Astrocyte Research® provides tools, technologies and proprietary strategies that outperform custom benchmarks at lower fees.

Astrocyte Breakpoint Product

Does your portfolio adapt as fast as market conditions change?

For professional investors who consider correlation and regime changes, Breakpoint™ provides global market alerts and forecasts that help them adjust their strategy through advanced machine learning.

Astrocyte Portformer Product

Moneyball for mutual funds

Portformer™ is an online financial research tool that helps RIAs save money for their clients by finding low-cost ETF alternatives to mutual fund investments


See your next big trade

For active managers who are frustrated with being late to emerging trends in the market, Macro Events provides investors with quick tests of trading hypothesis through time saving visualizations that connect news and ideas with data.

Market Intelligence Products


Does your portfolio adapt as fast as market conditions change?

Identify risks and opportunities with Astrocyte Breakpoint™ forecasts and alerts.

Breakpoint™ leverages machine learning and domain expertise to identify changes in correlation, regimes, and the structure of risks within global markets. 



Built by a former Quantitative Fund Manager with discretionary experience, Breakpoint is for professional investors who need:

  • Better forecasts and risk analysis to anticipate the market’s reaction to new data
  • Alerts to sub-trends that drive deeper sector and company-level trades
  • Objective, time-saving analysis that avoids the ‘group-think’ of mainstream strategists and economists

Discretionary investors, systematic funds and portfolio advisors rely on Breakpoint™ for deep insights that constantly test their strategy’s assumptions. 

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Used By Hedge Funds, Options Traders and Other Professional Investors

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Astrocyte’s meticulous analytical approach to real-time market dynamics helps me confirm or disprove trade ideas and has become an indispensable element of my investment process.
— Principal, Fixed Income Relative Value Hedge Fund
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