Product Launches, Educational Talk and Podcasts

Here are our favorite talks discussing integrating expert insights with machine learning predictions.


Portformer: Portfolios, made better

Wealth/Stack Showcase 2019

We were featured in the Startup Showcase during the inaugural Wealth/Stack conference in front of hundreds of independent advisors in Scottsdale, AZ.

Portformer product launch

FinTech Sandbox Demo Day 2019

Moody's Analytics in NYC, we unveiled Portformer as our newest solution to help financial advisors reduce their clients' fees and construct better portfolios.


FT.1 Keeping Your Advisor Honest Through Fee Reduction (And Saving $25k/Hour)

Tiingo Investing: How to Create a Better Investment and Retirement Portfolio

We sit down with Sean Kruzel, an MIT poker player turned portfolio manager and now financial technology founder, to discuss the changing landscape of Mutual Fund and ETF fees. In this episode we not only discuss his views on financial technology and markets, but also break down the real dollar cost of moving your portfolio to lower fee alternatives. We also discuss how you can use fee tracking to keep your wealth manager accountable. Check out Sean’s firm, Astrocyte Research and their latest fee tracking web app: Portformer.


Global Macro Intelligence

2017 - Fintech Roundtable Brainstorming Session (BCIC)

Combining Machine Learning with Expert Knowledge to Forecast Micro Trends, Macro Events and Global Market Risks

Applying Machine Learning to Modernize Trading Decisions

2016 - Data Mining Meetup

From the view point of a Quantitative Global Macro Investor, the speaker will go over: Why investors and traders use stop-levels instead of hypothesis tests to exit trades? Why are the best trading strategies discovered in the search for the surprisingly mundane? Why searching for profitable strategies leads to bad strategies (and it’s not because of overfitting)? This talk will take a clear look into trade sizing covering Kelly Criterion to the fat tails of the Sharpe Ratio and Correlations that no one talks about in the world of finance and investing.

Trading Macro Event Days

2015 - Boston Algorithmic Trading Meetup

How economic and equity event days affect risk, alpha and trading volume in equity and currencies. The impact of news on financial markets has been well researched, but often investors and risk managers do not fully integrate their understanding of market-sensitive information into their trade sizing and risk management. Sean Kruzel will compare the differences in market impact and correlations between known and unknown events as well as the differences between ‘equity-events’ and ‘macro-events’. Its implications on trade sizing as well as best-practices for integrating macroeconomic factors into quantitative strategies will be addressed.